Specializing in Uniquely Melted Wine, Spirit and Soda Bottles

All Bottled Up In Indy is a small home based business that includes the whole family.

We recycle our bottles from many places around the Indianapolis area and of course our friends as well. We like to think of this as our "Product Development Team"...

We do several craft shows around the area during the year as well. You can check out our website for this information.

Customer service and customization is what we are all about. We do a lot of customized bottles, like wedding dates and names, designs and logos, the possibilities are endless. We have even found a niche as wedding favors and groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts....just message us to find out more.

As always, we would like to thank you for checking out our "stuff"! (that is what our kids say to people at the craft shows and we giggle everytime)

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